Cornwall Ponds can offer pretty much any service associated with ponds, water gardens, water features and natural swimming ponds throughout Cornwall & Devon, and if we can’t, we know someone who will.   To give you an idea of which services we do offer here is a list;

  • Design, Construction, Renovation, Maintenance…and if you really must…Removal –  but we will do our best to persuade you otherwise.
  • Ponds, Water Features, Water Gardens, Natural Swimming Ponds.
  • Ornamental Ponds, Wildlife Ponds, Koi Ponds & Formal Ponds.
  • Streams, Waterfalls, Rills, Bog Areas, Stepping Stones, Decking, Walkways, Boardwalks, Jetty’s, Bridges.
  • Bank Revetment, Fish Removal, De-Silting, Dredging, Habitat Improvement, Erosion Control.
  • Aquatic Planting, Reed Beds.
  • Water Treatments, Algae & Pest Control, Livestock Heath & Medications.
  • Lining, Fibre-Glassing, Pre-Formed, Clay, Bentonite.
  • Filtration, Pumps, Illumination, Water Entertainment.